7 Steps to Freedom

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7 Steps to Freedom

"Learn How I Went From A Flat-Broke Hooters Waitress to a Globe Trotting Internet Marketer" There were days I literally only had enough money to put gas in my car to go to work. Moments in my life that I literally felt like less than nothing. It wasn't until I learned the science of blogging, and personal branding I ever had any success. Once I did, I was able to transform those little results into freedom. My life went from scraping change to put gas in my car to flying around the world with the love of my life. Trust me, if I can do it. You can! Here's what you'll learn in this ebook: The Secrets of Social Networking How to Leave Your Job Behind and Bec ... read more

copyrighting fundamentals "If you wont go after what you want, you don't deserve to have it." D Verrengia When I started using these copyrighting fundamentals over 6 years ago I literally watched a complete and shocking transformation happen not only in my business but in my bank account! Learning these copyrighting fundamentals will not be easy but once you get used to it implementing these techniques will become second nature. Getting Started Just like any other skill copyrighting improves with practice. [caption id="attachment_1310" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="D Verrengia on her Laptop in Costa Rica"][/caption] ... read more

mobile phone marketing Mobile phone marketing is probably one of the most over looked forms of marketing. Yet, it can yield even better results than bulk classified ad posting and is just as easy, if not easier to implement. Today, in record numbers more and more people are using cell phones, kindles, PDA's, iPad's and all sorts of mobile devices to access the internet. Wouldn't it make sense to model your business, website and and products or services to suit their needs? [caption id="attachment_1168" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="These mobile phone marketing tips are so easy, you can literally start implementing them ... read more

keyword research video When internet marketing, keyword research is one skill I learned I literally used for any form of marketing. Regardless if it's article marketing, video, or even Facebook, all these forms utilize keywords to help search engines accurately rank them. If you plan on using free marketing plans to generate traffic to your website, business or opportunity learning effective keyword research is fundamental. This information is so valuable, I literally swiped a video from my husband so I could share it with you. Helping you reach your goals, by any means necessary, ... read more

Turrialba, Costa Rica

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UPDATE! Hello my friend, It's been awhile since I've updated this blog..so many things have happened in the meantime and I'm so excited to share them with you! There have so many things I have to share...one blog post just isn't going to cut it. Last weekend my husband, Justin Verrengia, our friends Mike & Gissell, went on a trip to the mountains in Turrialba, Costa Rica to visit our friend Mr. Combeau. When you first walk onto the estate the walkway is hugged with flowers and plant life of all kinds. As you continue walking you'll notice the sound of rushing river nearby. The view from the front yard is amazing as you look our ... read more

Helpful Internet Marketing Resources D Sterlin's Facebook Page Social Poster- Bookmarking Site, Backlink creator Seo Book Keyword Tool- Keyword Research Tool Be sure to submit your email address and get tons more useful tips and access to all the tools I'm using to build a sturdy foundation with the internet regardless of where I am in the world. ... read more

Learn how to use Wordpress for not only your blogging needs but for your business online. By using it's simple add ons Wordpress can become your main hub online. Wordpress makes things like generating traffic, seo and video marketing, a day in the park with easy to use plugins. You'd be insane not to take advantage of the full value of Wordpress. Did I mention it's free? Do me a favor, if you enjoy watching my videos of my experiences around the world go ahead and share them using either the Facebook share icon or the Twitter Retweet button on the upper left hand of this post. If you liked it I'm pretty sure your frien ... read more

Be prepared for jam-packed videos filled with value! In this post, I'm bringing online video marketing superstar Justin Verrengia to you live to share his gold nuggets and how exactly he has generated not hundreds, not even thousands but millions of views to his videos online. With over forty minutes, yes you heard me, forty minutes of value you'll want to make sure your comfortable and ready to take notes. This is not a video tutorial you want to miss. I'm going to stop all the hype and get right down to business. Here is the video so you can watch it for yourself... A Little Note Seriously, with all this value in th ... read more

In this video you'll learn how to take negative experiences and turn them into motivations in your life. As you know, there have been ups and downs in my business and personal life and these situations have only taught me one thing....NOT TO QUIT! There have been times when I even thought about quitting and it was at these times I realized this is not an option. I can do two things with my life. I can quit and blame others or I can take responsibility and start living prosperously. In this video, I teach you how I was able to turn my "haters" into motivators and how you can too! A Little Note Seriously, with all th ... read more

So many of my subscribers and business partners have been asking me the same question over and over. "How do I get online business success?" Truth is, manifesting online business success does not depend on one thing but many used together. When you grow within your business will show the results. This directly is connected to the way you think. In this video I go into detail about how the way you think can affect your results and most importantly your future online. When we take the necessary steps as discussed in this video tutorial anyone can have online business success. Success should not be just for one person but for everyon ... read more

Learn how you can maximize your profile by adding custom html to your profile. Doing this will increase your profile's relevancy. It's also a great way to gain targeted leads using a social network we all have grown to love. Follow this simple video tutorial and learn how serious entrepreneurs are using this free social network to establish connections, generate leads and gain qualified partners. Have a question or just want to say hello? Post your comment below! If this information helped you go ahead and share it with others by clicking the Retweet button on the left of this post to Tweet it to your Twitter following. NOTE: ... read more

How to Edit Photos

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How to Edit Photos

how to edit photos using Photoshop, Paint, and Photobucket (Make sure to watch the video above in FULL. It showcases how to edit photos not only in Photoshop but with the Microsoft installed program Paint and also with the free web tool Photobucket.) In this video I also share simple tips you can do to maximize the exposure of your own products. Using images to build your business online can be extremely beneficial. After all, without an image to catch your eye would you read most articles online? Probably not. Learning how to edit photos especially with different ... read more

Wealth Secrets | The Truth About Making Money Online

[caption id="attachment_1080" align="alignleft" width="225" caption="The road to success is a beautiful inspiring journey."][/caption]   The spiritual growth one has to do in order to work for themselves.... ....is literally the reason why so many people fail in home-based business. If I didn't grow spiritually, thered be no way I could have done this. Let me tell you what happened... It was a regular afternoon just like any other...but little did I knew I'd be learning a lesson of a lifetime. At the time Justin and I were living in our home in Florida. We had a perf ... read more

What Does Video Advertising Cost on Internet?

what does video advertising cost on internet video I get people of all walks of life asking me day in and day out, what does video advertising cost on internet? Unlike article marketing or even classified ads, video marketing is a free traffic source that can generate instant leads. Unlike these other forms of marketing, video leads are usually a more qualified prospect. Even in search engines, videos and pages with videos embedded are highly ranked. (To embed a video means to use the HTML to place the video on your website or blog so it can be viewed by others on your pa ... read more

business and personal development training video (Watch the video in full screen. :-)) How To Use Business and Personal Development Training to Secure Your Position In this economy, it is becoming more and more apparent that the caliber of business and personal development training you have determines your long term success. In countries like China a college degree on its own will not suffice, where the population is immense it is relationship building that determines who gets a job and who doesn’t. In America a college degree isn’t as valued in an economy where there are t ... read more