From an early age D Sterlin is known for standing out in the crowd. Taking a liking to fellow enlightened speakers such as Dani Johnson, Robert Kiyosaki, Bob Proctor, and many others she has captured the essence of a serial entrepreneur.

Since she could remember D has always had a healthy thirst for knowledge and how things work. This thirst led to the creation of Escape Into Freedom Network now home to hundreds of marketers world wide she uses this as a platform to teach others.

D & Justin Verrengia in Costa Rica 2011

By making access free for everyone, D has removed the barriers that hold people back.

Once registered with the network you can look forward to step by step detailed instruction in some of the most sought after techniques on the net to date. In network marketing, especially internet, there are many ways to accomplish your goals. By having the proper knowledge you can build any business into a legacy. This is the goal of Escape Into Freedom.

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Since the move to Costa Rica with boy friend Justin Verrengia, D has updated her entire network with NEW techniques and strategies for the net. With different advertising ideas and new videos with scenes you won’t want to miss Escape Into Freedom is becoming one of the most elite marketing masterminds.

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