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This year on Thanksgiving my husband, Justin and I spent the evening at a local restaurant here in Costa Rica.

Locals don’t celebrate Thanksgiving but an ex-pat who owns a restaurant here held an All-You-Can-Eat turkey themed dinner.

The restaurant is extremely laid back. When you first walk up you’ll notice an embracing bar to the left. Surrounding the usual restaurant style wooden tables. Which lead to a small brightly lit stage.

Almost behind the tables, is the area where the kitchen can be found. Two chair-like hammocks for relaxing.

It even includes a large screen used for free movie nights. Just bring yourself and grab a drink at the bar!

So for sixteen bucks a person we got a good Thanksgiving dinner and enjoyed it while listening to this real cool band.

Here’s a video of the band singing the Tracy Chapman song Fast Car. This is one of my favorite songs! I hope you enjoy!

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Turrialba, Costa RicaUPDATE!

Hello my friend,

It’s been awhile since I’ve updated this blog..so many things have happened in the meantime and I’m so excited to share them with you! There have so many things I have to share…one blog post just isn’t going to cut it.

Last weekend my husband, Justin Verrengia, our friends Mike & Gissell, went on a trip to the mountains in Turrialba, Costa Rica to visit our friend Mr. Combeau.

When you first walk onto the estate the walkway is hugged with flowers and plant life of all kinds. As you continue walking you’ll notice the sound of rushing river nearby.

The view from the front yard is amazing as you look our from the hammock on the porch. In the backyard your jaw will drop as you gaze into the valley and towns below.

I had an absolutely amazing time in Turrialba, Costa Rica.

The average temperature is bit cool, at 70-75F, on most days with light showers through out the day during rainy season. Most of the locals in the area I visited are farmers, they own lots of land and provide vegetables and fruites like papaya, yuca, tomatoes, potatoes, and even cheese!

The farm we stayed on is famous for a particular type of white cheese that is unbelievably fresh and tasty! If you visit Turrialba, ask for Combeau cheese; you’ve got to try it!

Justin and I spent alot of time wandering the nearby area and enjoying the view of the volcano. There were even times we literally walked right into the clouds! It’s amazing to be so close to an active volcano.

Our evening was spent on the hammock sky watching. Justin even saw a few UFO’s! :-O

Turrialba, Costa Rica valley viewWe had an incredible weekend and I’m glad to be able to update you with what’s going on my life.

Stay tuned…I’ve been working on a marketing technique for the past several months and have recently decided to share it with a very small group of serious entrepreneurs. I’d love to be able to share this with everyone but the truth is, I just don’t have the time.

A new blog post will be coming soon..

*If you’d like to see more photos, add me to facebooK!

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D Sterlin gets married to Justin Verrengia
There are times in everyone’s life where we meet a person that appears to be the missing piece.

They provide happiness, and our hearts feel love

Some of us are blessed to have met this person and others are still waiting

Regardless of where you are in life, this person of love exists

Once we’re ready to be loved we can embrace all realities

One where what we hope for are what becomes

A life of love and happiness//

D Sterlin and Justin Verrengia Wedding


If there’s one thing I’ve learned in life its how to be genuinely happy, even for the little things. In the end, it’s the little things we remember most and seem to bring us the most joy.

In this video I share with you my first experience with Indian food at a great restaurant here in Shanxi, China. My experience here in China, so far, has been worth while and I am honored to be able to take you with me.

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In this video I introduce you to an extremely talented fashion designer here in Shanxi, China. Her name is Xiu and she studied Fashion Design in her University but her creativity and visions are something that cannot be taught, they are natural gifts.

I take you on my fitting to see Xiu and share with you photos of clothes she’s designed for me and fellow clients. You can even see custom made pocket books and accessories!

Beside being so talented she also has a heart of gold! Time spent with her is relaxing and hilarious! She was featured in my recently uploaded video, Local Restaurant in Shanxi, China, which can be found in “Categories” under “Freedom Empowers”.

I’m so thankful to have vacationed to China and to have the opportunity to meet successful people in different industries. Man oh man, I grabbed held of this and didn’t quit!

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In this video you’ll see Justin Verrengia and I go through a day in the life of being in a foreign country and not speaking the native language! To some people it can be rather frustrating but we have learned to take all experiences with a smile and laugh it through.

People here in China are so kind and even when they don’t understand you they do whatever they can to make you feel at ease. It’s a great country to travel to and I suggest you do when you get the chance.

If it wasn’t for this, I’d never have the opportunity to vacation around the world.

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Stay blessed in all you do.


Come with me on an over nine hour fashion shoot as I get transformed from a Web Diva to a Fashion Diva! The photographer Maggie was a pleasure to work with and had a great team of friendly make up artists and assistants to help with the vision.

The first look was a creative and bold one with me wearing bright orange lipstick! I thought it was so funny I had to keep my eyes closed while the make up artist applied it, otherwise I would burst out in laughter!

The second look was a bit more professional as I wore a suit my seamstress, Xiu, custom designed for me. It was comfortable and fit me perfectly.

The third look was more ethnic as I portrayed an Egyptian queen. With my face a gold tone and my lips even gold! The pictures must go through an editing process and once their done, I’ll add them to my Facebook.

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Pears, a pineapple, green beans, long onions, eggplants and so much more, are so healthy when cooked correctly.

Sometimes, with a busy schedule and taking care of our family it’s hard to eat right! But visiting in China I’m able to purchase fresh vegetables and fruits and sustain a healthy lifestyle. I also use this to help give my body the nutrients it needs.


Here in this video Justin and I enjoy full body massagesin Shanxi, China. Boy oh Boy! I’m so happy I took the calculated risk and decided to do internet marketing. Would my life be this enjoyable if I hadn’t?

Probably not! I’d most likely be sitting behind a desk wondering when my next break was and imagining myself on some private island enjoying drinks I can’t pronounce.

Good thing I chose to believe in myself and do internet marketing. You can too! Learn how here!


Travel with me to a local restaurant in Shanxi, China with delicious dishes and the company of good friends.

I’m so grateful that I chose the wonderful world of internet marketing and am able to travel to countries like China with so much culture and history. Take a tour with me as my friends and I grab a bite to eat!

If it wasn’t for this opportunity. I’d never have the experiences in life I do now. Who knows….if it wasn’t for this I’d be sitting behind a desk all day looking out my boss’s window wondering if I’d ever get the chance to really live.

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