copyrighting fundamentals

“If you wont go after what you want, you don’t deserve to have it.” D Verrengia

When I started using these copyrighting fundamentals over 6 years ago I literally watched a complete and shocking transformation happen not only in my business but in my bank account!

Learning these copyrighting fundamentals will not be easy but once you get used to it implementing these techniques will become second nature.

Getting Started

Just like any other skill copyrighting improves with practice.

copyrighting fundamentals

D Verrengia on her Laptop in Costa Rica

I’ve written thousands of web pages online.

From personal blogs, article campaigns, advertising descriptions, client press releases, business product pages, branding websites, and so many sales pages I’ve lost cost.

The point is, the copyrighting fundamentals I’m sharing with you aren’t theories I’ve thrown together.

Through out the years they have been tested time and time again and have proven to work each time without fail.

I’ll also be sharing copyrighting fundamentals that have been used throughout history to captivate an audience.

The key to great copyrighting involves many specific aspects.

Below is the list of aspects we will cover.

  • Titles and Headlines – Constructing your title’s and headline’s to set the mind frame of the reader to BUY
  • Hypnotic Lingo – Proven lines used time after time throughout history that gets them buying from you over and over again
  • The Missing Piece – How to construct your emails to engage more readers
  • Stories Sell – The secret to putting together a carefully written sales page in less than an hour

Below you’ll find an area designated for my notes.

I’ll use this area to include any informative copyrighting fundamentals audios or videos.

Titles and Headlines

Constructing your titles and headlines to SELL more products.

The key to creating a headline that will not only grab the attention of the reader but set them in a mind-frame to BUY is adding one or more of the following elements.

1. Fear
2. Curiosity
3. Urgency

If you can successfully remember to use of or more of these elements in your titles and headlines, you’ll engage your leads to read more of the page.

When building a blog our title should include our keywords.

Due to space, it is in the headline of the blog post itself that we must include one of the three key copyrighting fundamentals.

Here are a few examples of great headlines.

Here’s Proof That Your Failure In Your Business Up Until This Point Isn’t Your Fault. Learn How To Make More Money Before The Current Administration Loses It All…Again That Is!

Another example headline

I Said I Would Never Do Another Home Based Business Until Pigs Flew…Guess Their Flying Now Because This Is Something I Can’t Put Down!

Notice the form of the headlines above.

Do you notice where the key element was used in each headline?

The Internet is fueled by original content just like these copyrighting fundamentals.

It even awards those with original content and literally “slaps” websites that plagiarize.

Don’t copy the headlines above exactly.

Rather use them as a guide to create your own even more enticing headlines.

Who are you really?

That’s essentially what every reader wants to know.

A great way to incorporate this with these copyrighting fundamentals is by using words and phrases in your headlines like, “I, I Can’t Believe I, Learn How I, Get My, Your, You, Like Me”.

Ideally a headline must be short, to the point and provide enough curiosity to make the reader want more.

Although newspaper and magazines taught us that an effective headline is extremely detailed, lengthy, and jam-packed with curiosity or usually fear.

It all boils down to the type of person you’d like to attract.

Hypnotic Lingo

Using hypnotic word play to create repeat customers.

Great copyrighting, the type that gets people so motivated they not only buy one product but they come back time and time again is not just a matter of luck.

There are several factors that determine repeat business.

One way to be right on point are by using the next copyrighting fundamentals for repeat business.

This is one of the many covers to the best selling book by one of my favorite authors, John Grisham

Think of your favorite author.

What’s your favorite book written by him or her?

Can you tell me the title, what the book cover looks like, what’s it about?

If you can answer two or more of these questions about the book, you have been sold my dear friend!

Your favorite author used these same copyrighting fundamentals, imagery, and fancy word play to get your attention.

You can use those same copyrighting fundamentals to grasp the attention of your leads and prospects online.

There are actual phrases you can use too that will literally attract your prospects to the the Buy Now button like flies on a watermelon during a hot summer day.

Phrases like,

Humor sells…any funny line or quirky joke..

and like

I don’t know….All I know is…


How I went from….to…

Phrases like the copyrighting fundamentals above have been used by successful authors, large corporations, global products, business professionals, religious leaders, musicians, and all sorts of marketers online.

When you first start using these phrases they will seem unnatural.

Over time, you will see their direct result in your traffic and then you’ll realize their power.

I guarantee these copyrighting fundamentals will put more money into your pocket once you start using them!

The Missing Piece

Using rich text and images to captivate your audience’s attention.

Something that literally makes my head spin like an owl on a sugar high is when I visit an entrepreneur’s website and they don’t have an opt in box.

Here’s why.

Regardless of how much traffic you generate to your website or blog not all of the people that land on your website will instantly buy from you.

The truth is, most people will not.

How do you capitalize on these people who won’t buy today but will tomorrow?

Get an email auto-responder system like Aweber.

Not only does it allow you to capture the information of those who land on your website.

It allows you to “drip” emails with these copyrighting fundamentals to those leads so they’ll buy from in you in the future.

These are the copyrighting fundamentals that most mentors online will hide from you.

Instead of equipping you with the real life skills you could use to build your brand online.

They rather sell you the service.

Since I began using these copyrighting fundamentals I’ve been using Aweber to generate leads.

Throughout this time, I’ve noticed certain title’s that get more attention than others.

I’ve also noticed different times of the day that more leads will open an email.

When you start generating leads online you too will begin to notice patterns.

One copyrighting fundamentals that doesn’t change regardless of what your niche is.

Is the way you format your email.

Using rich text like bold, italicize and underlining will grab the focus of your readers.

Don’t be shy either with these text copyrighting fundamentals.

Use that bold whenever you want to make a point.

Or try italicizing the words you want to emphasis or when you make a joke.

This is one of the copyrighting fundamentals that has been used throughout history from books, to magazines, from television ads and even classified ads.

These copyrighting fundamentals will work for your email marketing campaigns too.

Stories Sell

Put together a sales page that will sell any product over and over again in less than an hour.

The next copyrighting fundamentals are without a doubt in my opinion the hardest to implement.

After all, writing a sales page means you gotta have a product. (well, duh! :-P )

Most entrepreneurs are so caught up on having the best product since “sliced bread” they literally lose sight that most of their prospects could care less what product they have in the first place.

I’ll tell you a story of what happened to me.

Before I started video marketing I was solely using these copyrighting fundamentals.

A sale here, a sale there.

I got a little result in my business and I was satisfied with that.

Although I knew video marketing is the most effective form of free marketing.

I would make excuses left and right why I couldn’t do it.

I was, too fat, or my hair wasn’t right, or I had nothing to say, or what if they just didn’t like me.

I literally sat in the dust of my fellow copywriters because they were all smart enough to shoot videos.

Then one day my own fear literally slapped me in the face.

Here’s what happened.

I get an email from a prospect who is interested in joining me in business.

They read my article’s and went through a few of my tutorials and was thoroughly impressed.

Just one problem.

I didn’t shoot videos back then, so they didn’t really know the person behind the website.

A few weeks go by and I notice the lead still hasn’t joined me in business.

I contact him via the telephone.

His words not mine, “Oh! Yea, I was going to join with you then I found this leader online and decided to join him instead.”

I played it cool.

“Ah, it’s no problem!” I said.

What I really meant was….(insert the feeling of failure here)

I did my research on this leader.

They didn’t recruit more people into the business.

They haven’t been online longer than I have.

D Verrengia getting her hair done in China

The one thing that made us different is the fact he was willing to shoot a video welcoming his leads to his blog and I was still making excuses and fussing over petty details like my hair.

Needless to say the next day I filmed my first video.

It was horrible.

Now let’s fast forward a bit.

About a year after that lead decided to join someone else in business they contact me via email.

We shoot the chat, you know, how’s the weather, what business are you in? the usual blah blah blah

But something is different.

A minute later I get the notorious “You’ve Got Money” email from PayPal and this lead has purchased my 1 on 1 coaching!

No sales pitching.

No hunting him down.

Just an instant sale.

Because I continue using these copyrighting fundamentals I get to enjoy the lifestyle others only dream about.

When asked what made him purchase my product he replied, “your video was bad ass.”


Here’s the point.

These copyrighting fundamentals are tremendously effective and will in no doubt help you make more money online.

Just like anything you can choose how you would like to use them.

When writing your sale pages instead of thinking of specific points or features about your products.

Be more effective and sell more product by sharing a story of your own experiences.

In my experience utilizing these copyrighting fundamentals along side video marketing is an unstoppable pair for quality traffic generation.


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In know this page of copyrighting fundamentals contains a lot of information.

Don’t feel overwhelmed to implement each and every copyrighting fundamentals tips.

Instead consistent action and refer back to these when you have questions or need a refresher.

I will be updating this page so if found the information on copyrighting fundamentals helpful save it in your Favorites.
copyrighting fundamentals
copyrighting fundamentals

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