I’m going to show you the exact method I use, literally the map, I’m using to prosper online.

My life wasn’t always a day in paradise…

Over 6 years ago when I first started online. I was working full time at Hooters, going to college, and bar-tended part-time during the weekends and evenings.

To be honest, I didn’t actually believe ordinary people could have success.

I was preconditioned to think people who were successful in networking/online marketing business models were people who had big lists. You know, industry veterans, who have lists of thousands.

Surely there was no way a waitress could have the the lifestyle to vacation around the world.

but then something happened…

I started listening to motivational audios that encouraged self development.

Never before did I associate success with personal growth. Literally the way I was thinking held me back.

Before I quit my job, I shared the opportunity with the other waitresses. I remember them telling me things like, “people never make money in those things”, or “you’ll be back working here in no time!”.

Comments like these stuck with me. In the beginning I believed it and it reflected in my business.

When I would speak to business prospects I wouldn’t convey confidence. Instead I would convey fear and no one joined me.

Now to some my next decision may seem crazy but to me, it was absolutely necessary.

I quit my job.

There were several reasons why I quit my job but it wasn’t because I was making so much money online. Rather, it was because I wanted more time to focus action in my business.

At that same time, I instantly removed most negative influences from my life.

Isn’t it ironic when I did that, that’s when I began having tremendous success online!

What am I trying to say is this.

Just because none of your friends and/or family haven’t had success online; doesn’t mean it’s not possible.

Just like I had to find out. I wasn’t going to learn how to build my business from Hooters waitresses.

Your not going to learn how to build your business from people who have never built a business online successfully.

I was just were you are now 6 years ago, starring at the computer screen thinking of each and every and any excuse in the book why I couldn’t get started or why the business would never work for me.

I’m looking to work with people who are serious, not delirious, about achieving success online.

It’s not overnight, but I’ll literally teach you everything I know and connect you with my mastermind of entrepreneurs who will stop at nothing till your successful.

The only thing that’s stopping you is the way you think.