how to edit photos using Photoshop, Paint, and Photobucket

(Make sure to watch the video above in FULL. It showcases how to edit photos not only in Photoshop but with the Microsoft installed program Paint and also with the free web tool Photobucket.)

In this video I also share simple tips you can do to maximize the exposure of your own products.

Using images to build your business online can be extremely beneficial.

After all, without an image to catch your eye would you read most articles online?

Probably not.

Learning how to edit photos especially with different tools will expand your marketing.

If your like me, you enjoy vacationing and spending time with love ones.

It’s not always conveinant bringing your laptop with you just to get access to a program to edit some photos.

You can put together campaigns, advertisements, and so do much more just by learning how to use Photobucket.

A free web editing tool that allows you access as long as you have internet.

Quite ideal if ya’ ask me. :-)

Once you learn how to edit photos the fun doesn’t stop there.

If your using free social networks like Facebook to build, photos are a great way to engage your audience without intimadting them with a sales pitch.

For example, you find a great photo online.

It moves you, speaks to your soul and you wanna share it with your friends.

After watching my video on how to edit photos now you proceed to edit the image.

After you’ve successfully edited the image, you can now write a positive or inspiring quote and sign it with your URL or blog.

Many of your friends will look at the photo and just enjoy it’s beauty.

Others will click the link because they enjoyed the photo.

This also works great with funny photos!

If you looked at this photo, then you proved photos do market. ;-)

There’s a great photo of a little boy sticking up his middle finger at a sports game that gets me everytime!

Doesn’t matter what the URL is the person has put, or how many times I see the photo, I always go see where it leads.

You’ll find photos in your gallery and along your marketing that has the same hypnotic effect on your leads.

When you learn how to edit photos your not learning how to make it pretty your literally expanding your marketing skill, therefore making you more valuable.

Some of you will take these lessons on how to edit photos and build a dynasty, if you have any questions along the way, contact me.

how to edit photos
how to edit photos

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