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Mobile phone marketing is probably one of the most over looked forms of marketing.

Yet, it can yield even better results than bulk classified ad posting and is just as easy, if not easier to implement.

Today, in record numbers more and more people are using cell phones, kindles, PDA’s, iPad’s and all sorts of mobile devices to access the internet.

Wouldn’t it make sense to model your business, website and and products or services to suit their needs?

These mobile phone marketing tips are so easy, you can literally start implementing them today!

There are a few simple things you can do to increase your mobile phone marketing exposure.

The first is widely overlooked by so many marketers and quite frankly I’m shocked.

If your using free video blog communities like Youtube to build, why wouldn’t you make sure your video is able to be viewed by users watching it on a mobile device?

The more people that see your video, or listen to your podcast, or audio trainings, the more exposure you get.

This is mobile phone marketing in it’s finest.

Let me tell you a story.

About 10 months ago I receive a phone call from a woman I created a website for a few months prior.

I was living in China at the time.

So in order to speak to my clients there were a few nights a week I would literally switch my schedule from night to day and day to night.

It was just about to hit midnight.

I knew what was coming next. Commonly practiced in China, before someone is to marry they will blast fireworks the night before at midnight.

Well China has the most people in the world.

So every night at midnight someone is celebrating!

I was too late.

“Wait, what was that?” I said as I chuckled and ran to close the window.

She wanted to know if she could download my tutorial videos to watch them on her mobile device.

That particular evening I didn’t have so many clients to consult.

But I stayed up the entire night and morning working on a mobile phone marketing strategy.

I literally tested my mobile phone marketing strategy with well over twenty-five of my own personal websites and hundreds of client web pages.

I’m not saying I know it all and I definitely cannot share everything about mobile phone marketing in one article alone, yet I’ll share some simple things you can do to maximize your mobile phone marketing client base.

Another thing you can do that will literally have your prospects begging you for more products using mobile phone marketing is formatting your emails with HTML.

Simple things like bolding your primary keywords or italicizing words you would like to emphasize.


Well think of your favorite advertisement either on or offline.

What drew you to the ad in the first place? What does it say? How is it written?

These are all aspects of mobile phone marketing that can be overlooked when writing emails.

The quick fix?

Take the time to format your emails with HTML functions as well as offering a non HTML version for email clients that don’t support HTML.

This will also increase your email conversions.

The easier to read your email is the more people will funnel to your links and opportunities.

There are alot more aspects of mobile phone marketing to discuss.

In this video I share with the mobile phone marketing techniques that I’ve used to build dozens of websites for myself, and hundreds of websites for clients.

If these mobile phone marketing tips can work for me, I know it can for you too (once you place action ;-) )!

(watch the video in full screen ;-) )

mobile phone marketing

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