I’m going to keep this post short because I rather let the video talk for itself.

The funded proposal is a tool used by some of the most successful businesses on the internet. It help you saves time, sifts and sort your leads and helps establish relationships with serious entrepreneurs.

Watch the video to see EXACTLY what I mean…

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D Sterlin in ChinaAre you building a list online? One of the best tips anyone can give you for building long term wealth online is all in your list.

Many of us start out online usually building someone else’s list. We join an opportunity and begin to generate traffic to that opportunity. All the leads we generate at this point are really property of that opportunity and once we leave we no longer have access to them.

The secret to creating longevity online is building a list of your own. One that you can market to for their opt in life products, opportunities and share value with.

How do you begin to build a list?

In this video I go into detail about how you can build a list online of targeted subscribers and people interested in you.

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Learn how you can maximize your profile by adding custom html to your profile. Doing this will increase your profile’s relevancy. It’s also a great way to gain targeted leads using a social network we all have grown to love.

Follow this simple video tutorial and learn how serious entrepreneurs are using this free social network to establish connections, generate leads and gain qualified partners.

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