The road to success is a beautiful inspiring journey.


The spiritual growth one has to do in order to work for themselves….

….is literally the reason why so many people fail in home-based business.

If I didn’t grow spiritually, thered be no way I could have done this.

Let me tell you what happened…

It was a regular afternoon just like any other…but little did I knew I’d be learning a lesson of a lifetime.

At the time Justin and I were living in our home in Florida.

We had a perfect view of the lake being we were the first one’s to choose our plot.

I was listening to music downstairs.

I can’t remember the exact song but imagine something with lots of soul, a high bass beat and very loud ;-)

I was writing a new website.

At that time, I wasn’t using WordPress but the standard HTML websites that need a four-hundred dollar program like Adobe Dreamweaver to edit.

Programs like this can be extremely frustrating to learn.

Especially if you had no prior experience or knowledge of HTML, CSS or website creation, like me.

That particular afternoon sticks out like a sore thumb to me because of what happened next.

I got a return call from a lead.

Why, hello there Jim. Yes, this is D. No, not me. D Sterlin. Yes, so how can I help you?

Jim replies, “Well I was returning your call, I heard your message.

Ah yes, that’s right! So what kind of business are you building online Jim?

Jim quickly replies, “Oh yea, I quit doing that long ago!

Really, what happened?

He says “Well I was in a business for 6 months and I bought everything they told me to buy but I never made a dime! If I were you I’d run as fast you could before the same happens to you!

Well Jim, I am really sorry to hear that. You know, this business has allowed me the freedom to work from home. For me, it’s going quite well. May I ask you what skills you learned or what marketing methods you used?

Listen D, I told you, that home based business is just a bunch of crap! I never made a dime in it and I never will!

He hung up the phone.

In our business you deal with all types of people who all are in different paths of their spiritual growth.

Later on that same day, my laptop starts acting up.

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It literally crashes in the middle of creating my new site and won’t boot up.

I am then on the phone with customer service for more than two hours.

We finally are able to save my computer but of course, all my work is gone. I didn’t back it up.

I wanted to throw the computer across the room till it broke into a million pieces and then do it again! I was so frustrated!!

I get another phone call. It’s a friend wanting to know if we’d like to go out and grab a bite to eat and go dancing.

Ah man! I really wanted to go!

Because of my computer woes :-( I wasn’t able to get my new website up nor was I able to send out my broadcast.

I declined.

I turned off the music, then dragged myself upstairs, got snuggled comfortable in the sheets and I began to write.

You won’t even believe what happened the next morning!

I’m not even kidding!

The first thing I do, is check my email.

What do I see?

Not one, not 2, but like 6 orders at a thousand dollars a pop!!!!! :-O

I was a Hooter’s waitress!!!

Seeing this literally took my breath away! I never knew I even had the capability of being successful at this.

But unlike Jim, all I had to do WAS STAY IN LONGER THAN HIM! ;-)

Think about this the next time you make excuses why you can’t learn a new skill and work online.

Think about that the next you tell someone something is not possible.

The truth is, if you haven’t done it yet, it’s because you don’t know how.

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Success is yours if you go take it,
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